I live in Vancouver, and work as a librarian and occasional copy editor. I like coffee, vegan pancakes, well made books and knitted things, cats and bikes and music that's sometimes hard to listen to. When I'm not working, I'm usually messing up the kitchen or dreaming up places to go with my camera.

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Reykjavík, Part III

Piece, by Sara Riel
Piece, by Icelandic artist Sara Riel (2008).

Mountain, by Theresa Himmer
Glacier #1, from the Mountain series, by Theresa Himmer (2008).

Volcano, by Theresa Himmer
Volcano #1, from the Mountain series, by Theresa Himmer (2008).


The snack counter at Bió Paradís.


Wrestling Smackdown

Kex Hostel
This photo, and the next three, taken at Kex, a hostel housed in an old biscuit factory.

Kex Hostel

Kex Hostel

Kex Hostel

Farmers Market
At the Farmers Market shop.

Street art

Handknit baby blankets at Hrim.

Spark Design Space. The exhibition pictured is part of the Designers and Farmers Project.

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